How We Help Our Clients

Culture Change
Your culture is who and what your organisation truly is. It is the beliefs, habits and attitudes that steer the behaviours and actions of your people, and if you take it seriously it’s your most valuable asset.

We will get under the skin of your organisation to gain a full and thorough picture of where you are now, and where you want to get to.

We’ll provide you with insight that will help you make the best of the things that already work well and help you to improve the things you need or want to change, to tie your culture to your organisational goals.

Organisational Effectiveness
Effective ways of working are the lifeblood of your organisation. The ability to collaborate, build trust, and work across organisational boundaries really make an organisation tick.

We help clients improve how they work in their own teams and across the wider departments within their organisation for collective success.

We use helpful discovery tools, psychometrics and a wealth of experience of successful teams - including client teams we’ve worked with, and teams we’ve personally been part of.
Leadership Development
Great leadership goes beyond intellectual and technical expertise – it requires emotional and behavioural strengths that build trust and inspire people to follow.

At Ascend we’re really experienced in helping leaders at all levels to develop their strengths, cultivate their personal leadership style, create new habits and build authenticity.

We use recent research in the neuroscience of learning to design innovative products, delivered by experienced and dynamic facilitators to build confidence and capability in your people.