How We Help Our Clients
Culture Change
Your culture is who and what your organisation truly is. It is the beliefs, habits and attitudes that steer the behaviours and actions of your people, and if you take it seriously it’s your most valuable asset.

We help clients analyse it, define it, be able to talk about it and change it for the better to deliver their organisational goals.
Organisational Effectiveness
Effective ways of working are the lifeblood of your organisation. The ability to collaborate, build trust, and work across organisational boundaries really make an organisation tick.

We help clients improve how they work in their own teams and across the wider departments within their organisation for collective success.
Leadership Development
Great leadership goes beyond intellectual and technical expertise – it requires emotional and behavioural strengths that build trust and inspire people to follow.

We help clients to develop their current and future leaders, improving their confidence and capability to take the organisation forward.
About Us
Ascend isn’t just another consultancy. We do things differently.

Our expertise tells us there are certain approaches that work, but our experience tells us that every organisation has different quirks and cultural characteristics. 

So before we try and do anything big, we work hard to get to know you, understand your organisation, and the help you’re looking for from us.

We’re human, so we speak like normal people, not like consultants. We like to make seemingly complex things really simple. 
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We really enjoy what we do, and love to see the difference we make to the client organisations we work with.

We know the importance of relationships, and we’ll make sure we a great job for you, so you get the results you’re looking for. We want you to tell others how good we are, after all.

We care about our clients, and they see that translated into attention to detail, professional high standards and a willingness to do the extra to make sure things go well.

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Our Recent Clients
Sweco UK & Ireland
The Prince's Trust
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Stroud District Council
Trafford Housing Trust
"The training design and skilled facilitation helped senior managers and leaders to shift their mindset, and make changes to their behaviour that will stick. 

I'd recommend Ascend to anyone who needs to help their people to think and act differently in leading their business."

Prison Governor, Justice Sector
"Sam provided a cultural diagnosis and course of action that was suited to our business, our people and our strategic goals. He helped us refresh and relaunch our values.

We followed with a leadership programme bespoke to our needs, resulting in a marked improvement in our engagement survey, and a 6% increase in our leadership measures.

I would highly recommend Ascend to any business who is looking for someone to come in and make a difference to their culture and engagement."

Head of OD, Healthcare
"The Culture Change Programme had a significant impact on many members of the organisation who still, many years later talk about it as the most successful programme they had ever been involved with.

I would highly recommend Ascend to any organisation seeking to truly transform their organisation."

Finance Manager, Financial Services