Alternative Tips for Working From Home

WFH Tips.png

LinkedIn recently has been packed with great advice on working from home.

But we all know by now that we should put together a daily routine, plan short breaks, drink plenty of water and assign a designated workspace, right?

What about some of the other important things that haven’t been included? Here are some alternative tips for working from home:


Feed the Cat

Let’s face it, your dog is beyond excited that you’re home, but your cat doesn’t want you there. Your cat is baffled by what on earth you think you’re doing invading its space during the daytime. Keeping your feline overlord well fed and watered is even more critical just before that important conference you’re about to join. Hungry cats love nothing more than being on camera, in your face, on your keyboard typing nonsense into the chat box on your behalf.


Make Full Use of Zoom

Zoom has an option to ‘touch up my appearance’. A handy filter that helps you look like you weren’t awake half the night wondering how you’re going to limit screen time and ration the snacks now the kids are off school, whilst maintaining a full-time job under really difficult circumstances (seriously, it’s under ‘Video Settings’).


Remove Distractions

You’ll be amazed what suddenly takes your interest over the course of a day. That book you got for Christmas that’s sat on your desk? The one you haven’t touched for 3 months? Suddenly the most compelling thing in your line of sight. Stationery in the drawer? Now’s as good a time as any to give it a tidy.


Sort Out Your Lunch

This might sound trivial but ignore this advice at your peril. The serious advice is to make sure you’re getting a decent variety of vitamins and nutrients, packing in your five-a-day. The truth is you’ll make toast. Toast is so easy, simple, and versatile but you have to remember that we’re in this for the long haul and you don’t want to become sick of your easiest meal by week 2.


Get Dressed

Dress for the office if it helps get into a professional mindset. Dress for home if it’s more comfortable. At the very least, dress. Even just the top half will do. Nothing worse than being unexpectedly online with your bosses when you’re wearing PJs or that slightly moth-eaten band t-shirt that used to be white.


Stay safe and stay sane!